Regional Director

Even before its establishment as an independent organization on the 3rd of February 2020, POPCOM MIMAROPA has been at the forefront of regional development work. One year after its institutionalization, POPCOM MIMAROPA perseveres to conquer the challenges of coordinating population and development programs across the region with great results. The public health emergency that persisted in 2021due to COVID-19 spread has motivated POPCOM MIMAROPA regional staff and partners in local government units to maximize the use of available resources including technologies in order to deliver family planning services and implement the key population and development strategies to address population management concerns.


The core strategy of implementing the RPFP program through information-sharing and motivation sessions at the level of the barangay and household was conducted via the application of varied means and modalities. Last year, POPCOM MIMAROPA has reached close to 60,000 couples and individuals and implemented the RPFP program by mobilizing community-based health and population workers and providing much-needed financial and logistical investments to deliver family planning commodities to service delivery points throughout the region. Numerous partnership agreements were forged to join hands with like-minded institutions in widening and deepening the reach of demand generation activities and delivery of reproductive health services.


POPCOM MIMAROPA also harnessed the power of all sorts of technology to reach out to more clients and boost the capability of its partners and stakeholders. Videoconferences and training webinars were spearheaded to tackle themes such as child and teen nutrition, family planning myths, men’s involvement, gender responsive parenting, and sexuality education for educators. POPCOM MIMAROPA also conveyed relevant AHD messages to intended audiences through the use of digital platforms and development and dissemination of IEC materials. The last quarter of 2021 was utilized by POPCOM-MIMAROPA in the pursuit of localization of PPDP strategies against the backdrop of devolution transition plan preparations by LGUs.


In all likelihood, the MIMAROPA region will continue to be negatively impacted by the ongoing pandemic, mobility restrictions, and blended work and meeting arrangements through to the year 2022. It is high time that we rally the resources we possess at the present and commit to a brighter future by seizing every opportunity that would make change happen.


Join POPCOM MIMAROPA in creating the quality of life that every MIMAROPAN rightfully deserves.